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Pregnant women often—for good reason—complain of aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.  Anxiety and stress can often be at their peak during a time when you are meant to be looking forward to welcoming your new little bundle into your life.  This creates feelings of discomfort—both mentally and physically. However, pregnancy massage can help alleviate these symptoms. Here is  what you can expect from New Life In Bloom's beautiful , relaxing massages.

~ Relief from Neck, Back, and Shoulder pain.

~  Reduced Stress and Anxiety

~ Physical and Mental relaxation

~  Powerful Oils and Creams that help Restore Dry Skin

~ Improved Sleep

~  Elimination or Reduction of Swelling around the feet, ankles and face

~ Pain Free legs and arms

~ Mental Clarity



Many mothers are concerned about how a massage might affect their baby or the health of their pregnancy. Thankfully, massage during pregnancy is safe! Many doctors recommend massage as a way to prepare for birth, with the greatest benefits experienced from consistent treatments.

Always talk to your doctor before you have a pregnancy massage, especially if:


Many mothers-to-be think that to get a good massage, they need to be lying face-down and expect to be lying in a pregnancy pillow or a table with a pregnancy hole. Trust me I've been there. I craved being able to lay on my tummy and for once NOT feel pregnant.   

Extended prone (face-down) lying for a pregnant women can increase strain on the lumbar, pelvic, and uterine structures. Putting pressure on the lower back while lying face down can increase intrauterine pressure, shorten the muscles in the lower back and increase strain on the ligaments, which maintain the correct position of the uterus and support the pelvis. Prone position, particularly in later pregnancy, often aggravates the causes of many women’s back discomfort. We also need to remember your growing breasts and a increase in sinus issues, which in turn will add additional pressure to these areas in the prone  position. 

For those reasons and for the health and safety of my Mumma and baby I do my massages in the side lying position

Benefits of side lying

~ Delivers a sense of nurture and comfort

~ Maintains a connection with myself, you and your baby

~ puts the muscles in the lower back into a relaxed position

~ Allows for the treatment of gluteal muscles without adding pressure to the uterus or straining ligaments

~ Provides education on how to position yourself at night

~ Reduces sinus pressure which is a common symptom during pregnancy

~ Avoids intrauterine pressure which can “squeeze” the baby

So what does a side-lying massage look like?

To ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby you will start lying on your left hand side with your head on a firm pillow. This will keep your head and neck in alignment.

You will be given a small wedge shaped pillow to put under your abdomen to support the growing uterus and prevent twisting and straining of the uterine ligament and lumbar spine.

Next, a pillow will be placed between your legs and your legs will be put at a 90 degree angle. This allows the pelvis to stay in alignment, reduces pressure on the lumbar spine and provides the legs with even blood flow.

Finally a small pillow or rolled towel will be placed under your upper arm to support the breast area and prevent rotation of your shoulders.

You will be treated to a whole body massage with a focus on your particular areas of discomfort.

      Introductory Prices 

       30 Minute "express"  Massage ~ Back only  $45 

    60 Minute Massage - complete body  $65

Studio located New Beith, Qld 4124